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Quick Clearance Program

Quick Clearance Program

1 Source prides itself on our ability to help clients remain compliant with ever-changing regulations. We understand the need for cost-effective and prompt solutions, especially when it comes to on-boarding new candidates. The 1 Source “Quick Clearance” program expedites the hiring process without the need for a clinic visit.

Our “Quick Clearance” program provides applicants same day medical clearance. The process consists of two distinct elements that can be utilized independently or in conjunction with one another. A short, online, “Health Questionnaire” provides the

1 Source clinical team with key information about the applicant’s ability to meet the required qualifications. In addition, a variety of saliva-based drug and alcohol tests can be easily administered at your facility.


This process is ideal for companies that require immediate access to manpower and/or have a high employee turnover rate. It is the perfect solution for those candidates that don’t require extensive evaluation for employment or it can be used as a precursor to ensure a candidate meets basic medical standards before subjecting them to a more comprehensive, lengthy and expensive evaluations.

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