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Patient Advocacy Program

Patient Advocacy Program

Employers are required to have each employee adhere to precise medical and physical requirements to comply with state and federal regulations and industry standards. The main methods utilized in determining an employee’s/candidate’s ability to safely perform their job duties within these standards are:

Yet certain employees/candidates may NOT meet the initial requirements or find themselves falling out of compliance for a variety of reasons. When this occurs, these individuals often struggle with understanding what is required of them and what information they need to produce to satisfy the appropriate standards.

1 Source’s Patient Advocacy Program is designed to assist employees/candidates in obtaining the necessary medical information and clearances to achieve a “full-duty” status. We offer our support to help educate and guide these individuals and act as a liaison between them and their Primary Care Physician (PCP).

As part of the program, 1 Source will provide the following services:

  • Main point of contact for candidates and employees
  • Assist in obtaining the necessary medical information to obtain clearance
  • Assist in identifying medical facilities (practitioners) for secondary medical testing / clearance
  • Peer-to-peer consultation
  • Communicate with employer (temporary duty status)
  • Follow-up with candidates & employees to ensure timely processing
  • Coordination of critical documentation

Clear Assistance

Efficiency in on-boarding may be the most important impact of utilizing the Clearance Assistance Program. 1 Source’s clinical staff works with candidates to ensure they receive the proper evaluation and treatment in an efficient manor so they can safely perform all aspects of the projected job duties. 1 Source’s involvement has proven to reduce the time it takes to receive the required information to obtain clearance by up to 50%.

As important as it is to on-board candidates, the need for existing employees to return to work is even more significant. Employers invest time and money in these individuals and in return they have become an asset to the company.  When an employee is not able to work, it has a significant impact on the operations of the company. Companies typically incur overtime pay, delayed production as well as a reduction in the efficiency & quality or work when individuals cover the responsibilities of an employee who is not cleared to work. The Clearance Assistance Program creates the same efficiencies for employees returning to work as it does for on-boarding candidates.

Prescription Medication Monitoring

All employees who maintain a safety sensitive position who take over-the-counter or prescribed medications are responsible for disclosing such medications directly to 1 Source for review. 1 Source ensures the medication regiment an employee is currently taking does not create a safety concern that could cause harm to themselves, a fellow employee or any individuals working at your facility.

1 Source’s Prescription Medication Program is designed so that companies can ensure the safest workplace possible by the proper monitoring of medications taken by their employees, while certifying total compliance within HIPAA regulations.

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