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On-Site Medical Services

On-Site Medical Services

1 Source’s on-site programs are designed to reduce absenteeism while increasing productivity. The focus of these programs is to bring medical services to your employees versus the traditional approach of bringing your employees to the clinic. This approach eliminates employee travel and waiting time, and since this program optimizes your employee’s time, your corporation will realize significant savings each year.

Our on-site technicians are familiar with all site environments and are equipped with the required PPE to enter any job-site. Programs are customized, allowing you to choose exactly the services your company requires.

Primary Services Offered:

  • Drug Screening
    • Urine
    • Hair
    • Saliva
  • Alcohol Testing
    • Breath
    • Saliva
  • Respirator Clearance
    • Certification (OSHA Medical Questionnaire)
    • Pulmonary Function Test
    • Respirator Fit Testing (Quantitative / Qualitative)
  • Injections / Inoculations
  • Basic Vitals
  • Audio Testing (includes Standard Threshold Shift)
  • Lab Surveillance
    • Blood
    • Urine
  • Vision Screens

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Optimizing clinic performance is vital for the success of any occupational health program.

Medical Regulatory Compliance

Managing compliance streamlines processes, cuts overhead and reduces headaches.


We help you keep in compliance with necessary government regulations so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

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