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Ergonomic Assessment & Testing

Ergonomic Assessment & Testing

Accurate ergonomic assessment, analysis of critical data & the implementation of preventative programs are crucial to averting injuries in the workplace. 1 Source’s Ergonomic Assessment & Testing programs are designed to maximize the efficiencies of employees. Our Functional Assessment gathers critical data about the essential functions and measurables of each job task. We measure and monitor the interaction of employees in their work environment to develop recommendations and programs to minimize the chances of work-related injury incidents.

Job Site Analysis

1 Source reviews the standard work orders or job procedures. Identified risks are rated and ranked by severity and the likelihood of an injury occurring. This maps out the areas of high risk throughout each facility. Current controls and recommendations on improvements are provided in a full detailed report. If modifications in the current process are made based on 1 Source’s reports, we will help ensure the modification(s) meet the intended goals.   

Physical Demands Analysis

The Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) provides an objective and measurable description of essential and non-essential physical demands of a specific job. The purpose of a PDA is to provide appropriate documentation of specific skill sets and physical requirements that are needed to safely perform that job.

Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis is a systematic review of job positions within a workplace in order to identify current or potential hazards. Once the hazards have been identified, control methods can be reviewed to eliminate or mitigate that issue or hazard. Recommendations for implementing modifications and cost-benefit analysis can be provided in a detailed report. 

Job Task Matrix

The Job Task Matrix fully itemizes the specific physical requirements of each task of a specific job description and aids in the management of work-related injuries. The Job Task Matrix is a tool the treating clinician can use to determine which tasks in a specific job description an individual can perform without re-aggravating or prolonging an injury. 

Ergonomic Educational Programs

1 Source provides educational programs to maximize an employee’s interaction with their work environment and utilize ergonomic principles. This includes education on manual material handling, customized stretching and exercise, workstation set up, and body mechanics.  Implementing basic ergonomic principles into a daily routine is proven to reduce injuries.

Physical Ability Test (Ergonomic Screening)

An assessment to determine if an individual possess the physical attributes to successfully & safely complete the essential functions of a job task.

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