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Consortium / Database Management

Consortium / Database Management

Many industries and/or job sites require each employee to adhere to very specific medical, physical, background clearance and badging requirements to comply with state, federal, industry and company standards. This is an important responsibility that 1 Source helps administer.

The main methods utilized in determining an individual’s ability to safely perform their job duties within these standards are:

  • Drug and Alcohol Screens
  • Medical Clearances
  • Physical Ability Tests
  • Background Checks
  • Badging Requirements

Within the Consortium/Database Management Program, 1 Source maintains your company’s Drug & Alcohol Consortiums, FMCSA Compliance Database and internal HR Database. In doing so, 1 Source takes on some of the primary responsibilities of your company’s Designated Employer Representative (DER). 1 Source coordinates the standards, frequency, costs and procedures to ensure site clearance compliance for all employees.

1 Source administers the following tasks:

  • Employee Demographics
  • Consortium Type
  • Status (screening results)
  • Compliance
  • Employee Demographics
  • Employee Status
  • All Aspects of the Employee File
  • Fleet Record Keeping
  • Driver Logs

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