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Clinic Administration & Management

Clinic Administration & Management

1 Source takes on the responsibility for identifying, auditing, training and managing the clinics selected for a client’s job site(s). Whether it means working with an existing clinic or identifying a new clinic that is better suited to meet the specific requirements of our clients, 1 Source’s Clinic Administration & Management service constantly monitors our clinic network to ensure peak efficiencies. When there is a situation where a clinic needs guidance or clarification, 1 Source is there as a resource to add clarity or resolution to any situation.

1 Source ensures that all the identified medical facilities in the network follow the same protocols, policies and procedures. The main benefits of 1 Source taking on this role are improving the consistency of care, creating a single point of contact for all critical information and increased internal efficiencies. 1 Source ensures all clinics meet or exceed the standards relating to competency, staffing, equipment and facilities required to properly treat employees.

Working within all governmental work comp guidelines, 1 Source ensures that our clinic network optimizes our ability to control and direct medical care for any work-related injury.

1 Source develops, provides, and implements the necessary tools and documentation to properly educate employees on which clinics are to be used for each of our clients’ locations. 1 Source will also provide electronic injury instruction cards, injury posters and clinic utilization protocols to make sure all employees understand the processes and procedures.

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