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Our Core Services

Corporate Injury Management

It’s possible to minimize the number of OSHA events and take great care of employee medical needs.

Medical Regulatory Compliance

Managing compliance streamlines processes, cuts overhead and reduces headaches.

Patient Advocacy Program

We assist employees & job applicants obtain the necessary medical clearances to get (and keep) working.


Return to Duty/ Fitness For Duty Program

Get employees back to work fast with our comprehensive evaluation program.

Clinic Administration & Management

Optimizing clinic performance is vital for the success of any occupational health program.

Consortium / Database Management

We help you keep in compliance with necessary government regulations so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Ergonomic Assessment & Testing

The key to averting injuries in the workplace is ergonomic assessment and prevention.

HR / Safety Policy Development

Building a culture of clear and consistent internal communications is critical to business success.

On-Site Medical

We bring medical services to your company, maximizing productivity for all parties.

Quick Clearance Program

Shift your hiring into high gear with our same day medical clearance service.

Process Management Solutions

We help you access and manage the most important information.



On-going training helps everyone stay current on compliance.

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