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New Program Release – Job Function & Frequency Analysis

Job Function & Frequency Analysis

 The Job Function & Frequency Analysis provides clients with a quantitative analysis of any job within a company. The analysis will outline essential functions and provide the client with the physical demand, repetition, and allocated time necessary to complete the job safely. 

How does it work? 

  1. The company will provide 1 Source with all their current job descriptions, standard operating procedures and/or work instructions. 
  2. 1 Source will review the information and inform the company if any additional data needs to be collected. 
  3. The data will then be added into the matrix, and this can be done by our Ergonomics Team or by a representative that is trained on the use of the Matrix. 
  4. The matrix will inform the company which portions of the job exceed the work restrictions and exactly how much it would cost to cover those portions. The company can then use the information to determine if there is reasonable accommodation that can be made. 
  5. 1 Source OHS’s Ergonomic Department is available to help interpret the data and provide solutions to reasonably accommodate the employee. 

 How is the information used by the client? 

  1. While under the first aid umbrella, clients will be provided with information to determine if an employee can work and to what capacity. 
  2. The matrix can be a helpful tool when determining if there are reasonable accommodations that can be made for employees with pre-existing or permanent work restrictions and newly acquired restrictions. 
  3. The matrix requires in depth analysis of the job task that can be core to developing and updating job descriptions. 
  4. The matrix will provide feedback on the financial implications of accommodating work restrictions.