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Simply fill out your contact information and a short message of interest in the “Contact Us” section of this website if you are interested in using 1 Source for any of your Regulatory Compliance or Injury Management needs. 

We have the ability to service any sized business for any and all of their Regulatory Compliance and/or Injury Management needs.

No. Our current clients are in all 50 States with some client locations also in Mexico and Canada.

Our corporate headquarters is located in Northwest Indiana, just outside of Chicago. Our pacific coast office is in Las Vegas, Nevada and our east coast office operates out of Ocala, Florida. With three strategic locations 1 Source can provide real-time support to our clients in each of these major time zones.

1 Source is not your typical TPA. We do many things that a TPA does but a lot more! This allows us to truly be your “1 Source” for all corporate health, safety, environmental, and regulatory needs.  


  1. Check
    • Checks should be mailed to 7501 W 15th Ave Gary, IN 46406.
  2. Credit Card
    • Please call 855-517-6872 ext. 3051 to pay your invoice over the phone.
      • Please note credit card payments will have service fees
  1. ACH/EFT.

Please email a copy of the front and back of all pages of the bill and email it to accounting@1source365.com.  A 1 Source Employee will respond within 2 business days with an update.

Please contact 855-517-6872 ext. 3057 or email accounting@1source365.com

Please contact 855-517-6872 ext. 3057 or email accounting@1source365.com

You may mail the invoice to 7501 W 15th Ave Gary, IN 46406 OR You may fax the invoice to 219-228-8852 ATTN: Billing. OR You may email, one invoice per PDF file directly to: jcotner@1source365.ac.sageapa.com.

Please contact 855-517-6872 ext. 3057 or email accounting@1source365.com

Program Integration / Operations

For a new permanent site location for your company, you will need to complete an On-Boarding Process Form (Form # CCF-71827). For a new temporary site or project, you will need to complete the Project Demographic Sheet (Form # CCF-52616). Both forms can be completed and sent to 1 Source Operations Department at operations@1source365.com. All forms can be found by logging into SourceLink and accessing the Forms library.

The typical set-up time for a clinic network is 3 to 5 business days.

This is a program developed specifically for a company and/or the company’s specific site location(s) that consist of the needs for that company to meet federal, state and local laws and regulations. The program will include the regulatory needs for pre-employment, annual/bi-annual and exit evaluations.

A consortium will manage all, or part, of an employer’s drug & alcohol testing program, sometimes including maintaining required testing records. Common consortiums used by 1 Source clients: Pipeline Testing Consortium (PTC), DISA, NTA, etc.

DOT Agency

Random Drug Testing Rate

Random Alcohol Testing Rate
















You can reach out to the 1 Source Program Integration/Operations Department(s) at operations@1source365.com or by calling (855) 517-6872 ext. 6 to request user access to SourceLink.

You can reach out to the 1 Source Program Integration/Operations Department(s) at operations@1source365.com or by calling (855) 517-6872 ext. 6 to request user access to SourceLink.


As a client of 1 Source, we can help acquire the documentation & medical clearances needed to safely get your employee back on the job or to guide them on the right path needed, as required by a medical professional.

The employee can be set up for a follow-up clinic visit to be discharged from care. In this situation, 1 Source will speak with the clinic in advance and let them know of the employee’s wishes. There is also another option where the can sign a declination waiver, declining any further medical treatment.

There is no time frame set for number of follow ups calls an employee might have under the Access Care Program. The Access Care Program is a collaborative approach to providing first aid guidance for employees with minor injuries. Each employee is different in how they respond; therefore, each case is different. If the employee is continuing to improve and they feel comfortable with their first aid self-care guidance, they may continue under the Access Care Program. If they are not improving, getting worse or the Access Care Nurse feels they may need to be evaluated by a clinician, this will be communicated with the employee and the employer.

1 Source has an on-demand interpreter service that can be used with all of our services. When calling in to report an injury, notify 1 Source that an interpreter will be needed, and what language will be needed. The service has over 200 languages available.

1 Source offers 3 levels of first aid kits that have been carefully created to be used in conjunction with the Access Care Program. Please send a request to injurymgt@1source365.com  for more information regarding these kits.

Each company may have its own policies regarding injury care. 1 Source is mindful of those policies and prioritizes appropriate care based on best practices for the incident or injury being assessed. 1 Source will never force an employee to be seen at a clinic or follow up through the Access Care Program. We will make care recommendations that we feel are best for the employee’s wellbeing, again based on best practices. An employee has a right to refuse any medical treatment. If this is the case, the employee will be asked to sign a Medical Declination Waiver stating that they do not wish to seek any medical treatment at this time.

Access Care is the first tier of injury management. It allows 1 Source to manage an injury remotely, without the employee requiring a visit to a clinic. The injured employee will be put in direct contact with a practitioner or Nurse Case Manager who will evaluate the injury telephonically through tele-triage and develop the best plan of care using first aid treatments. The Access Care Program is available 24 / 7 / 365 and has proven to be an excellent resource for our client companies and their employees.

If it is determined that an employee requires medical care at a clinic, 1 Source will then transition to Case Management who will coordinate all aspects of the care, communication, and documentation. Each of the clinics in the network will interact directly with the 1 Source Nurse Case Manager so that we can properly manage the case to help ensure the best outcome. 

All initial injury calls will be placed through the dedicated injury line; (866) 622-7348. This number is accessible 24 / 7 / 365. This number can also be used for an existing injury when the employee’s condition worsens. All companies who are part of our injury program will always have access to a live injury management professional. Injury calls will be telephonically evaluated, and a care recommendation will be made based on this evaluation. All other calls should go through the regular office line, during regular business hours at (855) 517-6872.

All calls will go directly to a licensed medical professional who is trained in injury care and with exceptional knowledgeable of workers’ compensation. 

Yes, after each follow up call or office visit an injury summary report will generated in SourceLink and made electronically available to the designated company contact. If there is any significant change in the treatment plan, the main contact at the company will be notified with a phone call to discuss the case further.


The answer varies based on the company and protocol that is in place. Plan to spend anywhere between 1 ½ – 3 hours.

1Source is not part of the hiring management team, therefore you will need to reach out to your hiring manager for more information.