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Company Overview

Our History

When Dr. Frank Messana and Dr. Michael Foreit first started in occupational medicine in the late 1990’s, they realized the system they worked for wasn’t providing services in a manner that was most beneficial to employees or client companies. This led to a desire to fill those service gaps themselves. As a result, they founded Comprehensive Care Occupational Health Clinic in 2003. In 2004, they saw a need to expand their size and service offerings by adding physical therapy, industrial rehab and ergonomics under the Comprehensive Therapy banner.

After working in the clinic directly with employees, safety managers, HR reps and client companies, day in and day out, Dr. Frank and Dr. Michael recognized once again there was a service void on the front and back end for their client companies. They knew they were doing a great job with patients once they got to the clinic, but they found there were few available resources to help their client companies really understand what services and compliance clearances they needed before their employees went to the clinic or why their injuries/incident rates were what they were. No one was looking at the process from beginning to end. Dr. Frank and Dr. Michael recognized there was a need for both consulting on the front end and implementation on the back end. 

This realization, along with the indispensable help of Mike Pelz, led directly to the creation of 1 Source Occupational Health & Safety in 2011, as a truly one-stop shop for all your occupational health, environmental and safety related needs.

Today, 1 Source is an international leader in environmental health & safety, worker’s compensation, injury management and regulatory compliance coordination & consultation. With a network of 3500 clinics, our process is turnkey. We first work with our clients to understand all their specific needs. We don’t just make recommendations; we can implement and manage the whole process based on those recommendations. We use our hands-on experience, industry-leading expertise, and proprietary customer, order and data management SourceLink software to develop, implement, and manage the critical elements of our clients’ programs. This provides efficient and effective operations for all our clients and ensures they are fully compliant with all regulations and medical standards.


1 Source utilizes a network of 3500 clinics nationwide and has three administration locations to best serve our clients. Our corporate headquarters is located in Northwest Indiana, just outside of Chicago. Our pacific coast office is in Las Vegas, Nevada and our east coast office operates out of Ocala, Florida. With three strategic locations 1 Source can provide real-time support to our clients in each of these major time zones.


1 Source has the staff to serve all client needs on-site and off. Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated administration team to ensure an efficient and effective partnership.

Clinical / Technical Staff:

Administrative Staff:

Success Stories

1 Source is built on the strength of our reputation and the successful outcomes we provide for our client’s employees and their bottom lines. But don’t just take our word for it. Following are just a few examples of what our existing clients are saying about the impact 1 Source has made on their Worker’s Compensation and Occupational Medical programs.

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