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Who We Are

1 Source is an international leader in environmental health & safety, workers compensation, injury management and regulatory compliance coordination.

What We Do

At 1 Source we bring together the disciplines of environmental health & safety, workers compensation, injury management and regulatory compliance coordination under one roof for the benefit of our client partners across North America and Europe.

 1 Source develops, implements, and manages solutions for our clients to ensure efficient and effective operations and the health and welfare of their workforce. We guarantee full compliance with all local, state and national regulations and medical standards.

How We Serve

At 1 Source, we put our knowledge to work for our clients by developing fully customized solutions, tailored to their specific needs. We use our proprietary, patent- pending SourceLink software, specialized knowledge, and extensive experience within their individual industries to educate and train our partners and manage their programs to achieve heightened efficiencies, cost savings and better results for all participants.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Who We Serve

1 Source has extensive experience servicing multiple industry segments, including:





Environmental Services

Government/ Municipalities

Logistics/ Transportation



Medical/Food/ Science


Distribution/ Warehousing

Why Us?

Three areas really set 1 Source apart!

First, is our deep, practical knowledge and experience. Having begun as an occupational medical clinic, we truly understand the specialized needs of companies and employees alike. We place a special focus on educating and training our client partners on best practices that have a dramatic effect on efficiencies, cost saving and outcomes for all stakeholders.

Lastly, but most importantly, when you partner with 1 Source, you get more than just a promise of customer service. We have dedicated our professional lives to supporting the health and wellness of our partners and all the participants under our care. So you can be assured we are fully committed to all our stakeholders’ complete satisfaction.

Second, our proprietary, patent-pending SourceLink software platform is unmatched in the industry and is the backbone for all our services. It ties together all the mission critical protocols, profiles, procedures and participants in one single-source platform. SourceLink makes it easier for our customers to maintain regulatory compliance, creates efficient workflow, in conjunction with our highly skilled medical providers reduces the number of recordable injuries, and allows access to all relevant information 24/7/365.

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